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April 22nd
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You are so out of our league.

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April 22nd
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One might almost say that affinities begin with the letters of the alphabet. In the series O and P are inseparable. You can, at will, pronounce O and P or Orestes and Pylades.

April 22nd
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April 22nd
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"I sing of Artemis, whose shafts are of gold, who

cheers on the hounds, the pure maiden, shooter of stags, who

delights in archery, own sister to Apollo with the golden sword.”

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April 22nd
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I met you at the Dalek Asylum. There was a girl in a shipwreck, 
and she died saving my life, & she was you! 
Victorian London. There was a governess, who was really a barmaid, 
and we fought the Great Intelligence together. She died, and it was 
my fault, & SHE WAS YOU!

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April 22nd
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We've all made selfish, bad decisions
We've all tried dishing out the blame
Convinced ourselves of our own actions
My problem is, I'll never change


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April 22nd
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It’s hard to believe you were the guy that saved the world once.

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April 22nd
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Female character meme: A female character screwed over by canon - Jo Harvelle(Supernatural)

April 20th
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Gryffindor wins the House Cup!

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April 20th
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I’ve seen hell and I’ve danced with the devil. I’ve stomped out fires and I’ve made my own flames. I refuse to be silenced- I will not let you underestimate the girl I have become

April 20th
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